Leap of Faith: Student-Designed Assignments

Real life is where most self-directed learning occurs. When given an engaging classroom assignment, students can jump in and develop much-needed problem-solving skills for life. This course illuminates the benefits of trusting older high school students with self-learning and offers a step-by-step approach for tapping into students’ self-motivation for solving problems. This course is not about how to give students more projects. It is about how to set students free with their own creativity as a guide while remaining within school curriculum guidelines.

Ann Myers

1 Hour

Secondary Teachers

Downloadable Resources:

Student Survey: Student Self-Assessment of Research Skills

Graphic Organizer: Student-Designed Assignment Planning

Micro-Course Outline


Part 1: Self-Directed Learning for Non-Adults

Discover the benefits of self-directed learning for students and take the first few steps to identify the curricular area for your student-designed assignments.


Part 2: Ways to Structure Student-Designed Assignments

Plan the structure for your student-designed assignments by choosing the learning objectives, brainstorming for topics, and planning the options students will work with. 


Part 3: Planning a Student-Designed Assignment

Review the planning process and use a graphic organizer to plan a student-designed lesson for your class. 

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