So much to learn,

so little time.

If you're a busy teacher or school leader, microlearning is perfect for you. JoltEDU provides quick, self-directed micro-courses for teachers about very specific topics.  Get your professional learning in short bursts. Learn something new today!  

  • Complete a course in an hour or less.
  • Choose the course(s) that interest you most. 
  • Join one or join them all!  
  • how it works for school leaders

  • how it works for teachers

Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Contact us! We'll help you select the subscription that best fits your school's needs. 
  2. We will set up your staff's accounts and send each person an email invite with the link to get started. 
  3. Each month, we'll send you a report of your staff's progress and completions.

Featured Courses

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JoltEDU micro-courses cut out the busy work and get right to the point. Spend a little time and get big results.

Access JoltEDU courses

when, where, and how you choose.


JoltEDU offers a catalog of topics that are focused on specific, instructional topics related to today's classroom challenges.
Choose the learning topics

you need most, right when you need them. 


Maximize your time in courses that offer actionable strategies and downloadable resources that you can use  today.
Save time with resources 

you can save and reuse in your classroom. 

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