Creating a Compelling Purpose for Your Learning Community

What is the purpose of school? What is the difference between a school and a learning community? In this micro-course, you will consider these questions and your current beliefs through the lens of a school leader. As you explore six Spheres of Living, you will collect strategies (and resources) that you can use to lead your team in creating a compelling purpose for your learning community.

If you work for a member district of Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8 (IU8), contact us for special access to this course.

Authors: Dr. Patrick Crawford, Dr. Chuck Schwahn, Jessica Enderson

Duration: 1 Hour

Audience: School Leaders

Downloadable Resource: Discussion and Reflection Prompt Slides for Use with Your Staff (access once enrolled)

Micro-Course Outline


Part 1: What is the Purpose of School

What is your opinion of the purpose of school? Consider your perspective and hear from others about how purpose relates to careers, citizenship, and life. 


Part 2: Identifying the Purpose Using Spheres of Living

Explore the seven aspects (spheres) of life that provide focus for our life-long learning goals. Balancing the roles identified in these spheres will prepare our learners for what they need to know, understand and be able to do as a lifelong learner.


Part 3: Envisioning Purpose Through the Ideal Learning Experience

Have you ever thought about the ideal learning experience? What would it be like? What would the purpose be? Explore ideas for providing the ideal learning experience for your learners. 

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