Give your teachers what they need.

JoltEDU's microlearning solution makes it easy for you to provide quality professional learning experiences for  each of your teachers. 

  • Empower your teachers with choice.
  • Provide flexibility in a professional learning environment.
  • Support teachers as they learn when they're ready, conveniently, on any device, from anywhere.

JoltEDU courses are...


A JoltEDU subscription provides access for a group of teachers to an unlimited number of micro-courses. It's easy to get your school started with JoltEDU.

Just tell us about your teachers, we do the rest!


Whether your teachers are new or seasoned professionals, they will find JoltEDU courses that relate to their subject area or grade level needs. 

Offer a robust learning library for your teachers.


With JoltEDU, you can give your teachers skills, strategies, and resources that they can apply in their teaching practices immediately. 

Equip your teachers with resources they can use. 

About Our Courses

JoltEDU micro-courses are short, interactive, and self-directed. Each course zooms in and focuses on a specific topic or instructional practice. Ready-to-use resources are provided with every micro-course.

Resources can include:
• Graphic Organizers for Students
• Slide or Document Templates
• Checklists & Planning Guides
• Student Activities & Handouts
• Lesson Plan Templates
• And More!

  • How it works for school leaders

  • how it works for teachers

Contact Us! We'll help you select the subscription that best fits your school's needs. Tell us about your teachers and we take it from there!

We will set up your teachers' accounts and send each teacher an email invite with the link to get started.

Each month, we'll send you a monthly report of your teachers' microlearning progress and completions.

Get free learning materials to share with your teachers just for signing up to receive updates from us:

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