Have an idea for a micro-course? Discover an easy way to select a targeted topic and streamline your building process.

This micro-course walks you through 6 simple steps to create a solid micro-course outline. Factor in  basic adult learning principles and begin brainstorming your microlearning masterpiece!

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Choosing a topic is easy. Micro-sizing that topic is challenging.

The first step in any project is always the hardest because there is no momentum yet. Just like a roller coaster, course authoring always starts with a big hill to climb. That climb builds the momentum for the rest of the ride. When authoring a micro-course, the first big hill is choosing a topic and the target audience This micro-course serves as a guide to help you turn your idea into a snappy course outline!

Key Ideas from this Micro-course


Part 1: Choosing a Topic and Target Audience

Choosing a topic is easy but narrowing it to a single, targeted focus is difficult. Participants expect their micro-courses to provide short, focused learning bursts in relevant, practical contexts. In this part of the micro-course, identify your topic and the target audience.


Part 2: Establishing a Purpose

Adult learners value professional learning that is purposeful. They want to learn specific knowledge and skills that actually solve or equip them to face a challenge. When we clearly articulate the purpose of a learning experience, we help our learners decide if it is relevant for them. In this part, zero in on the problem your course will solve and define its purpose. 


Part 3: Turning Your Solution into a System

You have the unique opportunity to use your micro-course to help people realize they CAN do it (whatever your “it” is). In this part of the course, turn your solution into a system: a simple process, strategy, or skill your learners can use to reach the desired outcome.


Part 4: Exploring Adult Learning Principles

Since the learners in your micro-course will be adults, it will be helpful to understand what is different about the way adults learn, as compared to the way children learn. In this final part of the micro-course, learn about six important adult learning principles. 

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