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Simple Activities to Start Your

Social-Emotional Learning Journey

Prep Your Virtual Class

with Ease

Skillsets for Success in Work,

School and Life

Learn some simple ways to encourage kindness in students of all ages, gather ideas for building healthy, strong relationships as you consider the impact of social-emotional learning. Walk away with ever-important self-care strategies so that you can be there and be strong for your learners.

Are you just starting your journey into teaching virtually? Or have you already started, but want some new ideas? Learn how to prepare your own virtual classroom, including what to include in your class, ways to organize the material, and strategies for getting yourself ready for the challenge. 

How can you help your students develop the skills they need now and in the future while still teaching in your content area? Discover ways to take small steps to regularly integrate these skills into the lessons you are already teaching. Equip your students with a toolbox for success in employment, school, and life.