The Science Shift

Pennsylvania released new standards which require a large change in instructional practices for science teachers. Three-dimensional teaching is the key for teaching with the new PA Integrated Science Standards. In this micro-course, you will get a glimpse of the three-dimensional science lesson and take a shallow dive into each of the three dimensions.

Author: Sarah Brambley, Alice Flarend, Kevin McCloskey, Renee Moore, Kathy Nalisnik, Tom Oleksa, Matt Stinson

Duration: 1 Hour

Audience: K-12 Science Teachers

Downloadable Resources: NGSS Classroom Posters and Graphic Organizers: Crosscutting Concepts

Micro-Course Outline


Part 1: Penny Investigation

Dive right into an activity you can do with your students - the Penny Investigation. As you complete this activity, gather ideas for ways to bring it to your classroom.


Part 2: Three-Dimensional Learning

Explore the three dimensions of learning in the new Science standards and see how these dimensions impact science instruction. 


Part 3: Next Steps

Plan your next steps for three-dimensional teaching and take action to make it happen! Take some time to select a phenomenon to share with your students and anticipate questions they may ask to guide your teaching. 

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