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Student Achievement: Let’s Widen the Lens
Course Author: Sara Quay

Fostering resilience in students is one way that we can diffuse the negative effects of chronic stress and trauma for our learners. When educators create and offer opportunities for student achievement, students gain self-esteem, empowerment, & confidence. In this micro-course, discover the connection between resilience and achievement and get ideas for creating frequent opportunities for learners to achieve.

Includes Free Resources: 

  • Student Activity: Confidence Clipboard
  • Poster: 7 Ways to Widen the Student Achievement Lens
  • Worksheet: Let's Celebrate YOU 

* This micro-course is also a part of the Trauma Resiliency Bundle (view the bundle details).

Setting up Smart Digital Sub Plans
Course Author: Rita Buhite

Learn how to set up a practical sub folder so that you can concentrate on what you want your students to learn instead of how to keep them busy. Your preparation will be simple, your students' days will be productive, and your sub will thank you.

Includes Free Resources: 

  • Checklist: Sub Folder Prep Steps
  • Template: Smart Digital Sub Plans (slides)
  • Templates: Lesson Directions, Teacher Schedule, and more

Capping The Highlighter: Go Digital with
Web Annotations
Course Author: Hannah Hauser

Ever found yourself wishing for a digital annotation tool that works across all websites and even over full-screen Google Slides? Learn how the Web Annotations Chrome Extension empowers teachers to enrich their instruction by easily annotating over digital content in the moment!

Includes the Free Resource: 

  • Quick Start Guide: Web Annotations

Free for teachers in IU8 districts!

The Science Shift
Course Authors: Sarah Brambley, Alice Flarend, Kevin McCloskey, Renee Moore, Kathy Nalisnik, Tom Oleksa, Matt Stinson

Pennsylvania released new standards which require a large change in instructional practices for science teachers. Three-dimensional teaching is the key for teaching with the new PA Integrated Science Standards. In this micro-course, you will get a glimpse of the three-dimensional science lesson and take a shallow dive into each of the three dimensions.

Includes Free Resources: 

  • Posters: NGSS Classroom Posters (Science and Engineering Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, Disciplinary Core Ideas
  • Graphic Organizers: Crosscutting Concepts

Free for teachers in IU8 districts!

English Learners for Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs)
Course Authors: Andrea Zern, Charlotte Ecklund, and Leonard Shurin

Have you struggled to differentiate speech and language eligibility for English Learners? Are you sometimes pressured to provide services for English Learners despite questioning if speech and language services are appropriate? This course will provide information, strategies, and toolbox resources that will enhance your practice as a Speech-Language Pathologist and member of a trans-disciplinary team when evaluating students who are English Learners.

Includes the Free Resource: 

  • Check-in Document: Cultural Competence (from ASHA)

Close Reading: A Strategy to Increase Rigor and Engagement in the Classroom
Course Author: Nicki Beauchamp

As teachers, we are always looking for ways to creatively increase student engagement while simultaneously maintaining or increasing rigor. Close Reading is a wonderful, cross-curricular instructional tool that allows for both! After this course, you will be able to create new lessons or adapt ones that you already have, using Close Reading. See your students flourish!

Includes the Free Resource: 

  • Customizable Lesson Plan: Close Reading of Poem
    Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night by Dylan Thomas (slides)

Free for teachers in IU8 districts!

My School Gave Me an iPad. Now What?
Course Author: Brandon Kochinsky

Many schools are adopting a 1:1 device strategy and issuing iPads to teachers and students. As a teacher, you may be familiar with iPads for personal use but not sure how to best use one in the classroom. In this course, you will learn what an iPad can do for your classroom. You'll discover how to connect to your classroom display and explore ways to teach with interactive whiteboard apps. As a result, you will be able to move about the classroom and use the iPad to project your lessons and engage your learners.

Parlay into Powerful Classroom Discussions
Course Author: Christine Davis

Today, our students are commonly presented with alternative perspectives and strong opinions. In this micro-course, explore ways to help students learn how to engage in respectful, meaningful discussions. Learn how to use Parlay, a platform that makes it easy to facilitate, measure, and assess student-driven discussions – in person and online.

Includes Free Resources: 

  • Tip Sheet: A Typology of Questions
  • Tip Sheet: Techniques for Responding to Students in Discussions
  • Tutorials for Students: Written/Verbal Roundtable Instructions
  • Tip Sheet: Facilitating Discussion & Engagement

    * Tip sheets are from Harvard's Bok Center for Teaching and Learning

Leap of Faith: Student-Designed Assignments
Course Author: Ann Myers

If a problem seems worthy of solving, older high school students can sometimes be just as willing as adults to take charge of their learning to research a solution. Real life is where most self-directed learning occurs. When given an engaging classroom assignment, students can jump in and develop much-needed problem-solving skills for life. This course illuminates the benefits of trusting older high school students with self-learning and offers a step-by-step approach for tapping into students’ self-motivation for solving problems. This course is not about how to give students more projects. It is about how to set students free with their own creativity as a guide while remaining within school curriculum guidelines.

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