My School Gave Me an iPad. Now What?

Ever found yourself wishing for a digital annotation tool that works across all websites and even over full-screen Google Slides? Learn how the Web Annotations Chrome Extension empowers teachers to enrich their instruction by easily annotating over digital content in the moment!

Brandon Kochinsky

1 Hour

Any K-12 Teachers

Downloadable Resources:  
Step-by-Step Directions: Connecting Your iPad to Your Computer via AirServer

Step-by-Step Directions: Mirroring Your iPad to Your Apple TV

Micro-Course Outline


Part 1: What can an iPad do for My Classroom?

Discover ways an iPad can transform your classroom and explore 5 ways to use an iPad instructionally. 


Part 2: Let's Get Connected!

Learn how to connect your iPad to your classroom display. See how to connect to your computer via AirServer or to your display via Apple TV. 


Part 3: Using Interactive Whiteboard Apps

There are so many helpful apps you can use on the iPad. In this part of the micro-course, focus on a few and see how easy it is to use interactive whiteboard apps with your students. 

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