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Virtual Lesson Design Microlearning Bundle*


Courses in the bundle:
➤ Hit the Bullseye with Learning Targets
➤ Sparking Curiosity: Launching Virtual Lessons
➤ Designing Direct Instruction Virtually
➤ Designing Dynamic Virtual Discussions
➤ Fast, Fun, and (in)Formative Assessments
➤ Developing Authentic Virtual Assessments
➤ The Role of Reflection in Virtual Learning

*Free for IU8 Schools

Discover ways to organize your course into a structure that makes sense for you and your learners. Learn how to begin by identifying your learning targets then develop engaging virtual lessons that offer direct instruction while incorporating interactivity, authentic assessments, and student reflection.

Course Author(s)

Don Arotin, Dr. Megan Horsh, Mark DeRubeis, Sara Quay

Target Audience

K-12 Teachers

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