Setting up Smart Digital Sub Plans

Your life just became easier by taking this course! Invariably, something will come up, and you’ll have to miss school. It might be a field trip, sickness, a personal day, etc. Getting ready for these out-of-the-classroom days is time-consuming for us, and a challenge for our substitutes. By starting the year with a digital substitute lesson plan, you will be ready. With a smart sub folder, everything is in place so you can concentrate on what you want your students to learn instead of how to keep them busy. This course provides a digital sub folder template that you can customize. Your preparation will be simple, your students’ days will be productive, and your sub will thank you.

Author: Rita Buhite

Includes Free Downloadable Resources:
➤ Checklist: Setting Up Smart Digital Sub Plans
➤ Digital Sub Plans Template (slides)
➤ Templates for Lesson Directions, Teacher Schedule, and other Sub Plans Content (documents)

Target Audience

K-12 Teachers

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