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Brain-Friendly Teaching Microlearning Bundle

Courses in the bundle:
➤ Cognitive Load Theory for Educators
➤ Mayers Principles of Multimedia Learning
➤ Teaching Through the Lens: Creating Engaging Videos Based on Brain Science

If you’ve ever had to turn the radio down when looking for a parking spot in a busy area, you understand cognitive load and its impact on us. As teachers, we have the power to turn that “volume” down so our students have the bandwidth to focus on the essential learning objectives. In this microlearning bundle, you will have access to three powerful courses to learn the foundations of Cognitive Load Theory, the Principles of Multimedia Design, and basic brain science considerations when making instructional videos.

Each one-hour micro-course in this bundle provides powerful practices and resources for strengthening instruction and learning.

Course Author(s)

Dr. Christine Davis, Lauren McMinn, Trevor Scheuch



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